Access Level 1

Prerequisite: Access Bars® & Foundation classes

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upcoming Level 1 classes here.

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What if you never lived in reaction at the effect of anyone or
anything ever again?  What could be possible to create as your life?
Are you ready to thrive beyond the limited parameters of this reality?

Now that you’ve completed Foundation, this two day Level 1 class
takes you further into living from non-judgment, so you can reclaim more of your awareness as an infinite being.  We continue to unlock where you’re functioning from defense, opposition and separation, which opens the door to infinite choice and possibility.  Advance further with more tools and processes that allow you to have greater ease with money, sex, relationship, your body and more.  The greatest potency is the ability to change and transform anything and everything.  How much more are you willing to be and receive?

What if you could choose something that is so far beyond anything
you thought was possible that you received something far greater than anything you ever knew you wanted to ask for?