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How much of your life have you wanted things to be different?
Have you often wondered how to bust out of the “matrix” of this reality into something greater?  This two day Foundation class is where you begin.

In this class, we begin to unlock the unconsciousness you’ve
been functioning from that keeps you choosing against you and results in everything that’s not working for you.  We illuminate the decisions, judgments, conclusions and points of view that limit you, and introduce the elements of creation that allow you to
function from question, choice, possibility and contribution.  The pragmatic tools and processes you receive can be applied in your daily life empowering you to create more of everything you truly desire.

The target of this class is to deliver as much change as you’re
willing to receive as fast as you are willing to receive it.  Is it time for you to create a new life?  What if the power of your willingness to choose something different can open a door to possibilities you have only dreamed about?  Is there a better time than now to choose something greater for YOU?